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Tilføjet den 6 marts 2017 | 10:59

Settlement of heat, electricity and water - how is it?

Electric- and Radiator Meters

Most of  the apartments is equipped with an electric meter as well as a radiator meter on every radiator. Some apartments is even equipped wit a water meter.

The tenants therefore have a great influence on the amount on their power, water and heating bill. Every month, tenants pay a fixed amount –“on account”- (included in the rent) for power and heating. The accounting year for the power and heat consumption begins January 1st and ends December 31st.

When tenants move out - or on the 31st of December - the end of the accounting year, your consumption will be balanced and settled via the rent in March. This means, that in March, your rent will either be higher or lower than normally, depending on whether you have had a higher or lower power, water and heat consumption than estimated.

All meters have been sealed. The seal will be ruined if one tries to tamper with the meter. If the power or heat consumption is below the average, with a marked difference, and the seal is found broken, the tenant will be held responsible. It is prohibited to cover up the meters.

An increase in the heat consumption may be caused by a defect thermostat. In such cases, please contact the janitor.

We strongly recommend tenants to read the meters on a regular basis. If tenants keep a personal account over their power and heat consumption, the risk of “unpleasant surprises” will be minimized.

The Radiators

A meter has been installed on all radiators. The meter enumerates the heat units used. The meter is automatically reset at the beginning of a new accounting year. When you push the button on the meter, you can read last years heat consumption for the radiator in question, in the display.

Please notice, that all radiators do not use the same units. This means that the price of a unit may differ.

Avoid placing furniture in front of the radiator, in order to allow the air to circulate. This will make it easier to regulate the heat with the use of the thermostat, without having to open the window.

To economize heating, the temperature is turned down automatically during the night, as a person needs less heat while sleeping.

The Electric Meter

The electric meter indicates the total consumption from the time the meter was installed. To see the consumption for a given period, you have to withdraw the numbers from the last reading.


Youth accommodations 

The youth accommodations is owned and administered by the housing associations. 
The balancing and settlement of your consumption can be done by other principles.