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The payment card will be sent to you directly from Nets Betalingsservice by letter at the end of each month - remember to empty your mailbox. If your rent is signed up for BS (auto-payment of rent), you will not receive a payment card in your mailbox.

 If you don't receive a payment card and you haven't registered for BS you must contact the office immediately and then we can print out a new payment card for you.

The rent is always due no later than the 1st day in a month.

If you pay your rent by bank transfer from abroad, please remember that you will always be charged a fee on these transfers and there might be a difference in exchange. Therefore it is a good idea to transfer a little extra; otherwise you will be reminded for the missing payment. If you pay too much it will always be deducted from your next month's rent. REMEMBER TO WRITE YOUR LEASE NO ON THE TRANSFER.

If you fail to pay your rent or pay too late we will mail you a reminding letter and on your next bill you will be charged a reminding fee of DKK 284,-.

Failure to pay the rent will result in the loss of your right of occupation.

PAY YOUR RENT IN DUE TIME WITH BS(automatic payment service) - and avoid fees 
If you pay your rent in due time every month you will aviod unnecessary fees.
Therefore, we recommend that you register for BS.

Then your rent will be paid automatically from your bank account every month. 
The needed information for registration to BS is found on your payment card