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Tilføjet den 6 april 2016 | 12:46

Accommodation Guarantee

If you live in Denmark outside the post codes 6200-6499 we can offer an Accommodation Guarantee when you start studying in Sønderborg.

The Accommodation Guarantee is valid for the ordinary start of studying in August/September and ensures that you will be offered accommodation (room with shared kitchen or 1-room accomm.) at one of the dormitories in Sønderborg within the period August 1 to January 1.

Conditions for Accommodation Guarantee to be granted are:

•you must have made an application at our homepage and be part of the waiting list and have added all types of rooms with shared kitchen and 1-room accomm.

•you must have emailed documentation that you will start an education

•you must no later than August 15 contact us per email or phone to be added the Accommodation Guarantee List

•you must be settled outside the post codes 6200-6499 (documentation is required)

•you must accept our first accommodation offer (only 1 offer is given, and if you decline the first offer - you will be part of the ordinary waiting list)

•you must not previously have declined/not answered an accommodation offer with moving in date August 1 or later

If Kollegiernes Kontor cannot offer you accommodation per 1st of August/September we will assist you in accommodation here:

•Guest rooms at the dormitories

•Skolehjemmet in Sønderborg

•Youth hostels

•Private accommodations

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions.