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Tilføjet den 10 juni 2020 | 10:59

Coronavirus - More New Information

NEW UPDATE regarding the corona-virus

In continuation of the information from the Danish Government we have – so far – decided to implement the following in order to limit the risk of infection:

The Office 
The office is open for personal service - and opening hours to be found at our homepage. We are also still available per email or phone. Be aware that max. 2 persons/guests can enter the office at a time.

The work of the janitors will be reduced. Only very important tasks will be done. The janitors can be contacted per email or phone. When you meet the janitor, please still respect a safety distance of min. 2 meters.

The cleaning of the dorms will be reduced. Reduced cleaning of hallways and other common areas. All door handles will be cleaned on a daily basis. Common kitchens will be cleaned more often. When you meet the cleaning ladies, please respect a safety distance of min. 2 meters.

Guest rooms
Are available to be rented by students - and students only.

Fitness - NEW 
All fitness rooms are re-opened from Thursday June 11, 2020. Max. 2 persons in the room at a time - and remember to wash of surfaces and equipment with spirits provided.

Party Rooms NEW 
All party rooms will remain closed until approx. September 1, 2020.

Laundry Rooms
The laundry rooms are still open, and we urge that only 1 person is present in the laundry room at a time.

Residents’ Meeting
The residents’ meeting on March 24, 2020 is CANCELLED.

Inspections - Moving In/Moving Out
Inspections as regards moving in or moving out will be conducted. We might reschedule. Please respect a safety distance of min. 2 meters.

The Danish Health Authority recommends everyone to follow this advice
1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water, hand rubbing alcohol works as well.
2. Sneeze and cough into the sleeve, not hands.
3. Avoid handshakes, kisses on the cheeks or hugs
4. Keep a distance to other people

In General
Please make sure that you all do your utmost to limit the risk of infection.
Never let any strangers into the dormitories.

We will keep you updated at our homepage/”news”.

Should you have any questions regarding the situation, please call or email us